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  • Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Bharat Defence is a public forum, and anybody who is 18 years or older may register and post.
    However, please note that visiting and posting on the forum is a privilege and not a right.
    To maintain high quality levels of the discussion, following actions (but not limited to) are forbidden either by posts or private messages:
    • posting, uploading or linking to content which is hateful, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, obscene, pornographic, sexually suggestive/explicit, libelous, or contains legally, racially, ethnically, or religiously objectionable material
    • advocating unlawful activities
    • spamming, trolling and solicitation
    • expressing support for terrorist or criminal organizations
    • posting malicious comments or criticism about the forum administrators or members
    • choosing an offensive or inappropriate username
    • flamebaiting and flamewaring
    • advertising for other sites
    • multiple registrations by the same person are prohibited. (If you wish to change your username then please contact the administrator.)
    Penalty for violation of forum rules may include:
    • warning or advise to the member(s)
    • editing or deleting of the offending post(s)
    • suspension of the account
    • ban the user account
    Guidelines for posting:
    • copyrighted materials, posted on the forum, must identify the source in full
    • wherever applicable, permission must be sought to republish copyrighted materials that require the permission of the author and/or publisher. You may refer to for more information.
    • avoid duplicate or off-topic posts and replys.
    Key Points to Note:
    • the forum administrators reserve the right to move/edit/delete any topic or post and ban any user at any time without any notice
    • violations of criminal or civil law will not be accepted, and may result in the notification to the proper authorities
    • the rules are subject to change at any time, without prior notice
    By registering, you agree that you will comply with the forum rules and guidelines. Determination of what constitutes a breach of the forum rules and guidelines is prerogative of the forum administrators.